The Company

We are not storytellers, but we produce the book in which the stories unfold.

We do not sell the products, but we design their packaging.

We do not do accounts, but we edit the reports for them to be shown to their audience.

We are not teachers, but we print the textbooks with which the children are taught.

We are not artists, but we transform the paper into authentic works of art.

We are the team at Etigráfe, we work with passion, demanding the best of ourselves. We feel totally fulfilled because we transform the great ideas of our customers into quality final products.

We grew up printing and we will continue to fulfil our mission:
to create, produce and contribute to the appreciation and development of the printing market.

After more than 30 years in the trade, Etigráfe excels in its mission, serving the printing market with demanding quality criteria and taking on this art as a passion. Using the latest high technology in graphic arts, our success is the result of sustained business growth, the dedication and work of all employees and, of course, the stimulation promoted by the recognition of our customers. We provide a personalized service, supported by a team of competent and specialized professionals. The flexibility and professionalism of our structure translates into the quality of our services and the accuracy of deliveries to our customers. Today, using our technical know-how and because the market demanded this, we took on new challenges, with the creation of a graphic workshop to support the entire structure. We are now able to respond with turnkey solutions in the various areas of the graphic arts, from graphic design to functional study and the final execution of the work, presenting economical and objective solutions. Etigráfe is located in Montemor - Loures, about five minutes from Lisbon, in an easily accessible place with private parking. The geographical environment is also an important factor, because the rustic and calm environment where we are located inspires us to solve all the challenges that are put to us serenely and safely.

A little of us and our history